Cowboy is the toughest. He jumps into rivers when it is 35 degrees outside, he can run 5 miles, and he plays with the big dogs. His best friends are Ranger, a vischla; and Flip, a lab/border collie. These aren't the greatest pics, but enjoy them until I get my real camera out.



I am an official triathlete! I had an awesome time at the Blue Lake Triathlon, and I am very proud of my very medium finish time of 1 hour 45 minutes and 31 seconds.

The gear:

Game Face:

Swim: 1/2 mile in 25 min

Bike: 12 miles in 43 min

Run: 5k in 29 min.


And then I took a two hour nap.


Flower Burst "Cool" Cat

For Naomi's Birthday we had a little sewing lesson. Naomi wanted to make a stuffed animal. A cat, to be more precise. I have never sewed a stuffed animal before so it was an adventure for both of us. We used the scraps from two shirts, and the stuffing from an Ikea couch cushion. And yes, it was straight from my couch.
Naomi insisted that it be called Flower Burst and after I told Naomi about a million times how cool he was going to turn out, that sort of worked its way into the name as well. I tried to tell her his last name was Leaper, but Naomi knows best so Cat it is.
Naomi did some of the cutting herself, pushed the pedal on the sewing machine for the whole project, and she also sewed the stitching for all four paws all by herself!!


The Great Rearrange

In order to make my apartment summer ready, and very very hip, I made a little trip to Ikea, HomeGoods, Ross and Target. I also did some extensive spring cleaning. I think the results are very nice.

The bookshelf is newly color coordinated. (middle shelves to be filled in shortly with all the Kurt Vonnegut I've been buying recently.)

Lamp: $13 at Ikea (see similar purple one in room)

The bed has new 400 thread count white sheets, and the pillows add a little color. I also got to finally set up the old alarm clock that I found in my last apartment.

My new mirror. I was also very excited to set up my sewing machine!

The bathroom has never looked so good! I think the cubes for the cotton balls and q-tips were one of the pricier items I bought but they were worth every penny!

The furniture has all shifted, and I love it. I feel like my space is so homey. Now you all have to visit!


Vaca with PK

It has been a fun couple of weeks with Patrick visiting.
First we went to Multnomah falls in the rain.

Later in the trip we made a little spicy pepper jack mac. (see taste for taste)
it was delicioso.
Yes that is grilled asparagus and yes those are ice cold glasses of milk.

Even later I came home from work to a clean apartment and this surprise:
Not to mention a little plate of my favorite sugar cookie bites from paradise bakery. (notice the empty plate)

The trip also included a trail run by the Deschutes River in Bend, watching Naomi perform Speed Boat at her piano recital, and fantastic sushi in Hood River. Let's just say it was a pretty fun time, and PK is a pretty great guy.



Sleepover Heaven!!!!
Brooke and I were able to have a couple fun weekends in a row with first Naomi sleeping over, and then Ollie and Asher. It was a little tiring but a LOT fun. We did Sesame Street Tiger Hunt, dress up, movies on the party blanket, and had all out parties. Maybe sometime we can have them all over at the same time!! I love my niece and nephews. (Soon to be nieces!!)


leggo my preggo!

I made a promise to post some pictures of pregnant Tracy. She is so CUTE! She thinks she is huge, but she has this tiny little regular body, with a baby ball stuck to the front. Adorable. And I can hardly wait till that little bundle of joy graces us with her presence in a few short weeks!